We are sad to announce the sudden and unexpected passing of Jim Rajacich, President and developer of Barstow Truck Parts & Equipment Co., Inc. on December 2, 2011.

This is dedicated to his loving memory.
Jim started working in the business long before he was out of high school. He served in the US Army as a young adult, and then came back to help his father work the steel yard his father had started on West Main Street in Barstow, named “Barstow Steel”. Jim had remarkable intelligence at an early age with regards to buying or selling scrap and heavy equipment, and soon he changed the dynamics of the company from a small steel yard to a busy and prosperous heavy equipment and scrap dealer. When the company incorporated in 1968, Jim was selected as President of the new corporation “Barstow Truck Parts & Equipment Co., Inc.”. Jim's new title did not slow him down, and he remained active, hard working, and hands-on in all operations of this company. It was not unusual for Jim to work at the business 80 hours in a week, and had a true passion for it. Jim had a unique work ethic that confounded and eluded most. Because of Jim's fortitude and determination, the company currently encompasses the site of the original steel yard on West Main Street, but has expanded to 40 acres surrounding the original site.

Jim was a long-time member of Elks Lodge, the founding father of Barstow Rotary Club, a board member of the Barstow College Foundation, and was voted Barstow "Man of the Year" in 1998. If there was a charity in town, he would do what he could to support it. He has touched the lives of all of his employees and countless individuals. Jim's sharp business sense, quiet cheerful spirit, and never ending philanthropist acts made many believe that he helped make the city of Barstow a better place. Jim's influence and contacts in the construction, trucking, and scrap metal industries stretch worldwide, and his importance to a wide range of companies is immeasurable. As fundamental as work was to his life, there was nothing more powerful than his love for his children and twenty-two grandchildren.

Jim's son, James Rajacich Jr., will continue in his active management role as corporate officer, and will fulfill the obligations created by Jim through the many years. All operations will continue normally at Barstow Truck Parts & Equipment Co., Inc.

Thank you for your sincerity in these hard times, we look forward to continuing Jim's legacy.

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